To Rip or Not To Rip?

Deep ripping is a hot topic among farmers and has been for awhile. Many grain growers are asking themselves the same questions: Is my soil type suitable and will the rewards out way the costs? There should be a simple answer but the reality is, you need to know your soils and the potential returns of this practice before launching into it —is the key to success.

Nothing is easy in farming, but that doesn’t mean everything has to be hard. It’s known deep ripping can take a toll on tractors, operators and implements. But years of rigorous on-farm trials are showing promising results, even becoming standard practice on some farms.

"Data is key, it is what should support and back all decisions made around growing a crop."

The great thing about the farming community is their openness to share information. Growers that have ripping experience are happily passing their knowledge onto others. There is enormous value in talking to a grower – or multiple growers with direct experience, and to running it past your agronomist.

Harberger partner with TTQ

 After hearing many grower’s stories and seeing many rippers in action, we knew if we were going to offer a product like this, it would need be built to the highest quality and be customisable to the grower’s individual requirements. In March 2019, Harberger’s connection with TTQ was established and the first display/demo 6m Raptor landed on our turf. To say the least, it is one very impressive bit of gear. You really can't help but look twice and marvel at all that steel!

New Product Releases

Weatheart have now released a 10" x 61' self-propelled grain auger. The 61' will provide enough reach to fill most 100t silo's. This unit will be fitted out with all the bells and whistles as standard. 

Standard Features:

  • Hydraulic Joystick Control
  • Heavy Duty Mover Kit
  • 38Hp EFI Kohler Engine
  • 42l Fuel Tank
  • Electric Clutch
  • Reversible Gearbox
  • Hydraulic Winch
  • LED Light Kit

Take advantage of the savings across the Wheatheart self-propelled auger range.

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To Rip or Not To Rip?

Deep ripping is a hot topic among farmers and has been for awhile. Many grain gr...

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