Your operation is only as good as your weakest link. Don't let your equipment let you down.

From grain handling and storage to seeding equipment the Harberger range sets the standard for innovation and quality.

Harberger put their products to the test every day within the company’s grain storage site and on the company’s farms located in Donald and Swan Hill giving them a unique insight into what their customers need.

Knowing what it’s like on the ‘other side of the fence’ gives them an edge and they use this knowledge to drive development.

Every Harberger product is backed by quality sale and after sale service. The Harberger team know their products and industry and value the relationships they build with every customer.

Equalizer Air Seeders

Built tough for Australian conditions, the Equalizer offers accurate seed placement, easy to set seed depth settings and a unbeatable hydraulic coulter system.

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Wheatheart Augers

Engineered to commercial standards Wheatheart Augers speaks for themselves. Efficient and reliable, you can rely on those machines during fast paced harvest days.

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Batco Conveyors

Like no other conveyor on the market. Batco Conveyers are versatile, gentle on product, fast and clean with high out-loading capacity.

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Grain Guzzler Drive Over Pit

Designed to move grain in the most efficient way possible and work around the Australian grain transport configurations. The Guzzler can unload trucks of all combinations.

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Grain Guard Silos

Incorporating quality components from the ground up Grain Guard Silos are an effective storage solution. Loaded with options to suit clients needs and wants.

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