PTO 2000/2400 SERIES

The Batco PTO tractor driven 2000/2400-Series are a machine designed to move large amounts of product swiftly and gently. They are ideal for large storage bins that require that extra length and capacity to fill.

Features included:

Dual cylinder hydraulic scissor lift on 65’-95’ lengths
Heavy-duty undercarriage for 105’-120’ lengths
Enhanced backbone on 105’ lengths for increased strength and stability
Heavy-duty shafts and industrial bearings
S-Drive system

models to choose from

2065/2465 20"/24" 65'
2075/2475 20"/24" 75'
2085/2485 20"/24" 85'
2095/2495 20"/24" 95'
20105/24105 20"/24" 105'
20110/24110 20"/24" 110'
20120/24120 20"/24" 120'

Find a conveyor that best fits your grain handling needs.

PTO 2000 & 2400 Series

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Find a conveyor that best fits your grain handling needs. Use the Batco Calculator to help you determine:

What length of conveyor will best complement you bin height
How much ground length is necessary to ensure your conveyor will reach the desired bin height

The Batco Calculator is easy to use and is designed to be practical. Use the Batco Calculator as a tool to help you with your next conveyor purchase!

Determining the length of conveyor needed:

Do I need a 92 foot conveyor, or will a 35 foot conveyor do? Find out what conveyor length is the right choice for you bin's peak height by using the Batco Conveyor Length Calculator.

Find out which conveyor length is the best fit for your bin.


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