Wheatheart R-Series

The portable R-Series Wheatheart auger is designed tough and dependable. The self-propelled kit makes the auger easy to manoeuvre and the it comes standard with the following features:

Wear Edge TechnologyTM to extend the life of the flighting
Durable powder coat paint for a strong, long lasting finish
Contoured undercarriage with wide-standing axels
Roll-formed track for strength and stability/span>
Reversible gearbox to fully clean out after use

models to choose from

r836 8" 36'
r841 8" 41'
r851 8" 51'
r1036 10" 36'
r1041 10" 41'
r1051 10" 51'

Find an auger that best fits your grain handling needs.

Optional features for the R-Series

Electric Clutch

The electric clutch enables the user to engage the flight through a magnetic toggle switch

Bin Hopper

The Bin Hopper is an ideal option for out-loading out of trucks, silos or field bins

Travel Kit

Includes Tail Lights & Oversize Sign.

LED Light Kit

LED Hopper & Spout Lights can be added to the machine.

Polly Hopper

The Poly Hopper is a light weight easy to move Hopper.

Bucket Spout

The Bucket Sprout is light weight poly design.


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Find an auger that best fits your grain handling needs. Use the Calculator to help you determine:

The length of auger to best compliment your bin height
The ideal flight speed
The ground length necessary to ensure your auger reaches the desired bin height

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