Like no other conveyor on the market. Batco conveyors are versatile, gentle on
product, fast and clean with high in and out-loading capacity.

Batco Field Loader BCX2 Series

Batco Field Loader
BCX2 Series

The Batco BCX2 Series Field Loader offers a sleek design with high out-loading capacities and ease of manoeuvrability. Incorporated into the design is a long-bedded hopper, enhancing the machines overall performance

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Batco Field Loader 1500 Series

1500 Series

The self-propelled Batco 1500-Series is designed around practicality and performance. Its versatility makes it suitable for handling delicate crops.

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Batco Field Loader PTO 2000/2400 Series

PTO 2000/2400 Series

Designed to move large amounts of product swiftly and gently. This series is ideal for large storage silos that require that extra length and capacity to fill.

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