AGI NECO Mixed Flow Dryer

NECO Dryer

The AGI NECO Mixed Flow Dryer is one of the most efficient dryers on the market that maximises dried grain's test weight while lowering your energy bill. The Mixed Flow Dryer quietly and efficiently heats kernels evenly to avoid heat damage and effectively dry all grain types.

The systems' screenless operation and computerised moisture control deliver consistently higher quality grain and heavier test weights per tonne, translating into maximum value for customers.

One of the most efficient
dryers on the market

  • Allows dryer to run in full heat or heat and cool modes on single burner dryers
  • For multiple burner dryers:
    • Individual temperature settings for each burner adds unrivaled flexibility
    • Multiple options for drying include full heat, heat and cool, steeping or sweating

  • Maintains the highest grain quality
  • Allows for easy air and grain mixing throughout the drying process
  • Consistent kernel to kernel moisture across the grain column
  • Long retention time allows the grain to dry slowly, resulting in significantly higher test weights and higher quality product
  • Quiet centrifugal fans

  • No screens to clean or get plugged, maintaining airflow throughout drying season
  • Maintains efficiency without regular cleaning
  • Suitable for all crops from corn to canola, with no risk of plugging screens
  • Up to 30% more fuel efficient than conventional screen dryers
  • Heavy gauge G-90 galvanized material for longevity
  • Drag conveyors are optional for some models, standard on large capacity dryers

  • Compliant to Australian standards
  • Australian certified

  • PLC based dryer control system developed by AGI NECO
  • Imperial & Metric display options
  • Easy-to-use touch screen navigation with clear graphics
  • Tracking and graphing capabilities to show drying progress
  • Alarm and troubleshooting assistant
  • Self-diagnostic capabilities for quick troubleshooting
  • Quick visual reference of alarm history
  • Helps minimize repair time

Equipped with Dryer Master® moisture control

  • Dryer Master® embedded in software for moisture control
  • Dual moisture sensors provided

  • Monitoring moisture and temperature within dryer from any device
    • Tablet, smart phone, laptop
    • Ability to connect via cellular or internet data
  • Receive alarms and callouts via text, or e-mail
  • Manage your dryer operation remotely
  • Access to the AGI SureTrackTM dryer manager
NECO dryer

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