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NECO Dryer

Smart storage for your hard work.

SureTrack Bin Manager is the cornerstone of a system that integrates hardware, software and IoT sensors in order to constantly watch and manage moisture level and temperature changes inside your silos.

Features & Options

  • Temp & Moisture is monitored by internal cables
  • Temp & Moisture is maintained by BinManagers algorithms & fan/heater automation
  • CO2 levels are monitored for early detection of insect and fungi infestation
  • Real-Time view of Moisture & Temp is displayed in both 3D view & or Table format
  • Animating the conditioning of grain, provides proof that the grain will meet expectations
  • Custom alerts provide insights in-order to make decisions for optimal storage condition
NECO Dryer
NECO Dryer

Checking Real-Time Grain Conditions

NECO Dryer

SureTrack Bin Manager enables the grower to monitor and manage the grains conditions from anywhere there is an internet connection by using a phone, tablet or PC.

Maximise Profit & Save
Energy Costs

NECO Dryer

The Silo’s Manager is put in place to preserve grain quality, grain value and grain weight. The system is not only capable of drying but also re-hydrating grains preventing spoilage and shrinkage within the silo. With smart storage, the fans will only run when productive air is present.

NECO Dryer

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