XTA replaces the R-Series

BLACK is the new RED - XTA replaces the R-Series

Fresh off the line are the new AGI grain augers. With red augers saturating the market, AGI, the mother company of Wheatheart aggrowth.com decided to differentiate themselves and take a new bold approach: Black barrel with a Red frame = Tough!

The Wheatheart sticker will now read AGI, but don't stress, its the same auger, just a new finish!


So what are the differences?

  1. Idler sprocket has been added for chain tensioning at the spout end.
  2. Hollow red tube has replaced galvanised drive shaft guards.
  3. 42ltr fuel tank has replaced the 20ltr fuel tank.
  4. New sleek belt guard design.
  5. Double belt idler preventing belt slap.
  6. Simple & quick drive belt tensioning motor mount slide.
  7. Simple & quick drive belt tension feature if electric clutch option is fitted.
  8. Redesigned undercarriage for strength and agility.

AGI has taken the XTA-Series Self-Propelled auger one step further.

Taking the XTA-Series Self-Propelled auger one step further, AGI are now offering a joy stick Heavy Duty Self-Propelled kit option. This option is available if you require hydraulic steering, more stability and flotation for those undulating surfaces.

XTA 10" x 61'  self-propelled auger

To add to the excitement, the XTA 10" x 61' self-propelled auger has landed. This unit is currently being put through its paces on the Harberger farm and has exceeded expectations. Fitted out with a 38Hp EFI Kohler engine, Joy Stick control Heavy Duty Self-Propelled kit, LED Light kit and triple belt Electric Clutch, the XTA1061 leaves no stone un-turned. With 35' of clearance from spout to ground at full extension, the XTA1061 will enter most large transportable silos on the market.

For more detailed information on the new XTA models please click here

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